Ligon Bream Killer Fly - Black


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Hook Sizes 4, 6, 8, & 10.


Its a classic, like the old station wagon with wood panels.  You should always have several of these in your tackle box and here is why.  The Ligon Bream Killer in black is one of the most popular underwater flies made of soft black chenille topped with squirrel tail hair trim with white rubber legs.  For bluegill fly fishing it is ideal.  It is a slow sinking fly that can be used alone or with a Popper/Dropper rig.  (Send us an email with your US Postal address and ask us to send you a free copy of the Popper/Dropper instruction sheet and a free Miskito Coast Popper/Dropper rig).  We suggest using it with the Rollie Pollie or the BoogleBullet. 
The cork body bug acts as your strike indicator but don't be surprised if you catch two fish at one time.

Product Code: 211-8

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I've been using that 211-B , black, brown and now chartreuse..for many years now...the only bream fishing fly I will ever use. These wet flies are leathal near beds in the May first full moon time frame. They average 20-30 bream per fly, by then, the fly looks like it has been in a hurricane, lol! Best fly I have EVER used. Woody Rester, Jackson Al.

woody rester :: Jun 23 2014, 10:17 AM

Awesome fly

bought some of these in black and chartreuse and they are awesome. I have caught hundreds of panfish and quite few bass as well. They are tied well and hold together nicely. When i get low on my supply i will be reordering.

jay :: May 18 2014, 13:44 PM

These are killers

What a great fly! I caught everythig on it from 2" bream to 3lb largemouth. I love the way it moves in the water. The rubber legs give it great action, just on the drop or stripping it. Can't wait to go out again. I want to try it on smallmouth.

Bill :: Jun 04 2013, 09:22 AM

ligon bream killer

Don't know if anyone has tried this, but take this bream killer, tie it onto the end of an ultralight rod an reel, attach a small plastic bobber. The cork will give it enough weight to cast. Sit back and enjoy. In my pond in Louisiana they'll kill it.

john leonard :: Feb 14 2013, 21:46 PM

Too big!

I order 3 figuring I would nail a lot bream was I wrong. I had these spiders now for a year I manage to catch zero bream. But....Since it's pretty big I have caught a few nice 2-3lb Bass.

Angelo Mastrando :: Feb 01 2013, 01:37 AM

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